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True Birth

Oct 3, 2022

Cervical lacerations are cuts or tears that happen to the cervix during labor and delivery. These types of laceratsion are different from the typical 1st and 2nd degree lacerations that occur during labor and delivery normally.  Generally they tend to have more blood flow and can be responsible for more blood loss....

Sep 19, 2022

What happends when a cesarean birth is not planned.  


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Sep 12, 2022

On today’s episode of True Birth, we’re talking about labor coaches, birth coaches, and doulas.


Dr. Yaakov Abdelhak and Certiied Nurse Midwife Kristin Mallon highly recommend having a birth coach during labor. They share some of their positive experiences with the recommended birth coaches and doulas on their...

Sep 5, 2022

Today’s episode of True Birth is all about circumcision. Circumcision often falls under the category of obstetrics, and many obstetricians are the ones who perform circumcisions at the hospital because it’s considered surgical.


It’s rare to need a suture or have bleeding complications after an infant is...

Aug 29, 2022

What is the optimal timing for delivery when a pregnancy goes past the due date?  How far past a due date is it recommened to go? Is it safe to go?  Why are there different recommendations for each type of pregnancy? 

A postterm pregnancy is when the pregnancy goes on beyond beyond 42 weeks (294 days) from the...